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Innovative services aggregator portal

Nowadays, digital communication channels are multiplying: social networks, mobile applications, websites, ... It's not always easy to build an effective communication strategy.

That's why Letsgocity created an innovative and revolutionary communication platform.

Designed for use on smartphones, tablets and computers, it meets the expectations of mobile users and those of traditional website users.

Aggregator of content, the Letsgocity portal has been developed to bring together a large number of services and informations. It can be adapted to any community looking to set up a multi-service platform. It's the ideal tool for accessing the dynamics of connected territories.

  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Zero Waste Awareness

A website in less than a week!

We know that time is precious and we are often sorely lacking it. This is why we support you in your efforts and provide you with ultra fast and efficient solutions.

We are committed to providing you with a pre-production environment within days. Once your content is written and validated, your site is ready!

Managing your website has never been easier. In a few clicks add a publication, edit or delete content from your site.

A precise management of rights and permissions allows you to distribute the work to be provided between the different departments and employees of your infrastructure.

An overview of the number of visits and clicks on the different pages of your portal allows you to understand the most popular or most important content.

In addition to the initial training in the use of our tools, we are committed to providing you with one of our employees who will be in special contact with you by email, telephone or videoconference.

A web or native application?

Mobile applications have become benchmarks in terms of communication and information. Today, the number of mobile users exceeds the number of PC users.

Benefiting from an application makes you a modern player, giving importance to innovation and close to your community. This proximity makes it an excellent relational tool.

In addition, it helps to build loyalty and increase the consultation of the content you offer. In fact, you no longer need to remember a URL or search in your favorites, a simple icon is enough to access it in one click.

Aggregating content, Letsgocity’s applications have been developed to bring together a large number of services and information. These can be adapted to any community looking to set up a multi-service app. Adapted to your objectives while being customizable by your audience, they are ideal tools for accessing the dynamics of connected territories.

Educate your users through gamification

Gamification is an effective solution to create enthusiasm around one of your projects, involve and retain your audience by stimulating and rewarding them.

This can allow you to gather valuable information, to encourage them to act, to change their behavior or simply (in) train in a simple, fun and dynamic way, thanks to quizzes, games, objectives to be achieved, …

Do you have a challenge to integrate into your strategy? Let’s discuss it and together develop the right solution for your community!


Enthusiastic and attentive, the Letsgocity team is at your disposal to support you in your communication strategy and in the implementation of innovative projects on the main themes of the "Smart City".

Our experience in the development of mobile applications, websites and smart solutions is a real plus. It's with pleasure that we share our experience in helping you achieve your goals, whether they are specific to the public, private, local, municipal or regional domain.

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